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Advantages of Crypto

Having some cryptocurrency coins jingling in your wallet can have a far-reaching impact on your financial status and gambling practices.


Transactions without a central agency to regulate the flow of cash add more quality to the offerings of crypto.

Lower Cost Gambling

Spending your bills on the spinning wheels can cost you more than when playing with digital coins.

Less Hassle

Navigating through the transaction process without roadblocks is that golden feature that makes crypto attractive.

Biggest Trends In Crypto

The Halvening

Bitcoin experiences a cut in its block subsidy into half roughly every four years. This trend adds to the capped supply of 21 million coins.

Enter Libra

With its extensive plan to create a world of different coins, Facebook makes the digital currency space more robust.

The Feds Step In

The creation of cryptocurrency protocols has introduced Feds into the scene of cryptocurrency. By issuing their own digital money, their approach is expanding.

Fintech Hook Up

Blockchain technology has found its ground of intersection with crypto and FinTech to make a difference in settlement of transactions.

Speculation Undermines Crypto

The overall value and utility of cryptocurrency get harmed with the blockchain’s congestions,
which is a result of speculation. helps you find the best online casinos and sportsbooks for betting with crypto currency!!

Is It Legal to Gamble with Cryptocurrency?

Official statements or regulations haven’t been passed regarding its legality. If sites are offering the feature, playing with Bitcoin is accepted.

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Sites That Accept Cryptocurrencies

More sites have now registered for gambling with cryptocurrency, increasing the scope of both industries.

Bovada Sports, MyBookie, BetOnline Sports, and BetNow are the top sports betting sites offering crypto options.

Sites such as BitStarz, Cloudbet, 1xBit, mBit Casino, and Kingbit Casino have payment options supporting cryptocurrencies.

BetOnline, Intertops, Ignition poker, SwCPoker, Grand Poker, and offer variations of poker at its best with Bitcoin depositing options.

Latest News

How Crypto Gambling is Governed Around the World?


With the emergence of technology, people started embracing online casino gambling over land-based gambling due to its wide variety of chanced and games. When the technology started advancing, payment option via online started increasing. As a result, cryptocurrencies and bitcoin saw significant growth in recent years. Blockchain-based gambling is highly appreciated throughout the world. Here, we will be talking about such digital currency platform how it is regulated across the globe.


Blockchain, a cryptocurrency based gambling usually takes place exclusively in two ways like the on-chain and off-chain gambling, respectively. Off-chain betting comprises of the physical and online gambling platform which accepts the cryptocurrency. It mostly uses the deposit of the blockchain in the online casino account. On-chain casino happens on a blockchain using smart contracts which includes a Dapp. This has a backend the function, which is performing on a blockchain network instead of standard and main servers.



Even though most of the countries have legalized regulations in place mentioning online gambling. Only a bunch of nations regulate the bitcoin, cryptocurrency gambling. These counties comprise the UK, Italy, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Greece. In many of the countries, Bitcoin is not accepted a mode of payment. These places reject the gambling platform as well.  Te improved on-chain bitcoin technology is a bit more challenging to control as per its decentralized behavior. These spaces are not included in any of the IP address, which makes it very difficult for the government to ban the platform.

Crypto casinos

Nations are not even aware of some of the cryptocurrency rules, even though it is legalized. It is a must that these nations do not make any mistakes. Also though the concept of cryptocurrency trading is new, it will be a problematic platform to implement the course into action and expect it for the long run. Even though Japan is known as the pioneer in offering gambling sites to their users, the laws and regulations relating to the platform is much higher. Even with the strict rules, the country provides a comprehensive platform for the crypto gamblers.

Crypto casinos


The benefits provided by the cryptocurrency are vast. It includes a lot of privacy issues and does not encourage any anonymous activity. Cryptocurrency does not ask for any personal data while transferring and trading the money. But, for a person who looks for transferring the BTC, Bitcoin, into fiat, the countries those who promote the usage of cryptocurrency will ask for KYC, know your customer, and AML, anti-money laundering procedures.


Even though a lot of regulatory and legal actions are needed, and a lot of technical challenges are faced by the countries who adopt casinos, Understanding and knowing these procedures will help the nation to adopt more and become a crypto-friendly gambling nation.

The Futuristic Blockchain Gambling


The appearance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is way too outlandish. Everything about it is way too cool! However, the usage of cryptocurrencies has become widespread for casinos as an alternative to the current payment system. In comparison, other advantages of blockchain include transaction transparency and reduced transaction costs. The anonymity of the gambler is an exhilarating add on, besides the swift withdrawal and deposit.

Let’s Unravel Bitcoin Casinos

The most prevalent digital currency. The online casinos that provide the option of bitcoin currency are burgeoning in the industry. Being subject to jurisdictions, these casinos have a world-wide network. The wide array of options for the utilisation of bitcoin money by the player includes casino games, gambling games, online lotteries, sports-based betting, and spread betting. A few game changers in the online casino industry with the advent of bitcoin casinos are Satoshidice, bitzino, satoshibet, swichpoker, StrikeSapphire, etc.


The Working of Bitcoin Casinos

Software remains at the crux of the gambling industry. This case holds for bitcoin casinos; therefore, the thriving bitcoin casinos with an extensive customer base develop their software. At the same time, the others employ purchased software and customize it following the requirements of each game.

The advantage of piloting a software is the functioning of the game unescorted by any human intervention – the software performs as the croupier. However, this concealed digital nature has attracted the critical eye of many users and also plants a seed of unbelief in them. Numerous bitcoin casinos have tackled this obstacle of transparency. It reveals the working of their software algorithms, succoured by peer reference, and the exclusivity offered at the bitcoin casino – has spurred the magic. Poker has the status of being the cornerstone of the extensive selection of bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin Casinos

The Increased Momentum for Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casino users are lured to this arena because of the anonymity that it offers to its users, unlike any other platform. Wow! You can be that anonymous winner always, and everybody considers you that supernatural casino high-roller – now that’s how you roll!

Unlike the conventional casinos that want you to abide by the limits predestined by them, a bitcoin casino offers you the extravagance of zero transaction fees and unlimited free daily transactions. The global access furnished by the bitcoin casino’s online digital nature is an added advantage with innumerable players always round the clock.

The twist in the traditional rule of the games facilitated by the truncated control of authorities in the bitcoin casinos, a far-fetched fantasy for a brick-and-mortar casino, has made this arena extensively voguish among the users.

The launch of bitcoin casino site in 2012 was adequate to enhance the daily bitcoin transactions by five-fold. The promising reality for bitcoin casinos is the steady growth rate they have witnessed since 2012.

Cryptocurrency Revolutionising The Gambling Realm


The online gambling industry is very famous at this point in 2020. The world has completely been taken over by the coronavirus pandemic, and people are staying indoors to get away from the virus. There is no cure as of now, at the time of writing this article, which would be in the month of July. I have heard from multiple sources, personal and official that online gambling has taken off, even more than it did before. There is one reason; the reason being people being confined to their homes with their devices and an internet connection. Cryptocurrency is also making it a lot easier for people to gamble on the internet. Gambling on the internet requires a couple of steps. The steps should be taken because you don’t know how you are going to get swindled on the internet. Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency helps with this. Cryptocurrency helps with anonymity and security. Some people seem to think that gambling on the internet is still in its infancy stage, but I would like to disagree. In the mid-1990s, an online casino was born, and the industry started there. It became mainstream in just a couple of years.

By the year 2002, a lot of people were liking doing it on the internet. Still, the majority of people preferred to visit the High Street book-marker or even betting over the phone and visiting a local casino. Cryptocurrency was invented just a few years later. These days currencies like bitcoin are seen as one of the most amazing and perfect payment methods for online gambling. Online casinos promote cryptocurrencies. There are multiple reasons why. They are fast, they are secure, and they are perfectly anonymous. These are the features that anonymous gamblers crave. These are some of the features that the credit card companies cannot offer them.

online gambling

Bitcoin was not at all the first additional currency, but it was the first want to be decentralised. It was the first decentralised cryptocurrency. Since the invention of bitcoin, there have been over 4000 other coins that have been invented, and only half of these are still in use.

The entire online gambling industry has been known to work on a series of licences and networks. If you have to launch an online casino, you do not create your own payment systems or games, but you purchase licenses that can do the job for you. Casinos really want to use bitcoin because bitcoin guarantees some fantastic features. Bitcoin casinos are making huge headlines because of the ease of transaction. The financial transactions happen instantly and securely. The casinos and customers need not worry about the transaction. This is how bitcoin revolutionised the online casino industry.

Gambling Vs Investing


I am sure that when you heard people discussing finances, you would have heard someone say something like investing in the stock market is like gambling in a casino. It is somewhat true because you will be risking your money. It involves risk and choice; the risk of your capital, and also with the hopes of a future profit. Gambling is not long-term, like investing in the stock market. It is a short term activity, while equities investments can last a lifetime and make you millions of dollars. If you invest in the stock market, it typically carries with it a positive and expected return on average if you take a look at a couple of decades down the line. It is very similar to investing in real estate. It all depends on the time and also how the economy is doing. I have seen people invest $1 million in a house and gain back $3 million in just a couple of years. That is a profit of $2 million, and it blows my mind.

Investing happens to be the act of allocating funds and committing a certain amount of capital to an asset. It can be stocks, or it can be in real estate. It can also mean you are investing in a company that you believe in. The expectation of return would generate some profits. There is a lot of risks when it comes to investing. It all depends on what you are investing into. You should also know that a low-risk generally means you would be expecting some low returns. Higher returns would accompany a higher risk.


There is a big difference between these two, even though they have one or two similarities. It is important to know that, when you gamble, you own nothing in the transaction, until you get it back. But, if you invest in something like stocks, you on the stock.

For example, if you paid $100,000 for a particular stock, and it reduces in value, you don’t lose the money yet. You face a loss if you happen to sell it. But if you wait for it to go up in value, you will make a profit.

Gambling is defined as staking something on a contingency. It is very similar to betting and wagering as well. It requires you to risk money on an event that has completely uncertain and unforeseen outcomes. It heavily depends on chance. Gambling is all about entertainment, for the majority of people. Investing is serious; more serious than gambling indeed. There are professional gamblers who are very efficient at risk management. But no matter how good you are at gambling, you cannot control your chances.

Keep the above in mind when you are thinking about investing vs gambling.

How Do Bitcoin Casinos Work?


The popularity of bitcoin as a digital currency has ultimately enabled the new economy to properly flourish in parallel to the existing currencies in the economy. Bitcoin transactions continue to gain a lot of popularity, and they have also enabled a whole new arena of gambling, lotteries, gaming, and more on the internet because of online casinos. Are you wondering what Bitcoin is? Well, bitcoin is a digital currency which was invented in the first decade of the 21st century. It gained a lot of popularity because of how wonderful it is. It provides proper anonymity, security, transparency, quick transactions, safety, and more.

Bitcoin happens to be the most popular digital currency/cryptocurrency. A lot of online casinos have moved towards transactions only through bitcoin because it provides faster payouts. Even more online casinos have started offering money-based gaming in bitcoin currency. Bitcoin casinos have been known to operate from all over the globe, even though they’re supposed to be subject to local laws. Through bitcoin transactions, the casino is that we are talking about have been known to offer a huge variety of options for the patrons.


The software is one of the most important things and lies at the heart of any online casino or any online gaming business. The same holds true to bitcoin casinos. Some top-rated bitcoin casinos with a huge user base have been known to run their own gaming software which they have developed on their own. Some other small players have been on to use or even rent other versions. Some of them purchase the software, some of them rent it. The software is customised later on by adding a lot of unique features to the games that they offer. The software is not to conduct and even run the game, and it needs minimal human intervention or interaction. It can probably run itself with current technology. Because of the digital nature of the business, bitcoin casinos have been on to face a challenge when it comes to convincing the users about the fairness of their operations. In a lot of cases, even if they’re being fair, some users have not believed them. That is something that the user has to risk. A lot of bitcoin casinos have been known to establish trust with their players by openly disclosing exactly how their software and their algorithms work.

Poker happens to be the most popular game in bitcoin casinos. Other games do exist, lotteries and popular games which are based on TV shows and movies are fun. Anonymity happens to be the most significant advantage for bitcoin casino users. Nowadays, because of bitcoin, most of the bitcoin casinos offer zero transaction fees, with unlimited and free daily transactions.

Pros Of Gambling With Cryptocurrency


Any kind of blockchain enthusiast will know that this technology has so many real-life applications. An industry that benefits out of this would be online gambling. Online gambling has undoubtedly become a huge industry, especially since the coronavirus pandemic enveloped the planet. More and more people are spending their time on the internet, on gambling sites because they are not able to visit physical casinos. There are many casinos now where you can play some amazing games with the help of a digital currencies. Some of the most popular and best-rated bitcoin casinos are CloudBet, Fortune Jack and BitCasino. Some of them were launched in the last decade. They have been known to offer over 1400 to 1500 kinds of games. The marriage between cryptocurrency and gambling has been deemed one of the most logical to those who believe that these two worlds have a lot in common. Investing in bitcoin is certainly one of the most mainstream things to do, when you are playing games of chance on online casinos. It has been said that the people who invest in bitcoin are natural-born risk takers because, bitcoin is something that has a fluctuating value. One day it’s skyrocketing at $10,000 per bitcoin, and on other days it’s plummeting like we’ve never seen before—the people who invested in bitcoin early, or swimming in money, now.


One of the main advantages of gambling with the help of cryptocurrency is that you receive a high level of anonymity. It is very private. The ones who rely on bitcoin don’t have to worry about any third-party users getting the access of their data and of their losses and gains. It is incredibly fair and transparent by default. The nature of Blockchain has been not a guarantee that the play is very fair. Every single user can check if the outcome of the particular game that they were playing what is determined with the help of using random numbers, or if it was properly tampered by the casino or even some other players. If you want to get instant and independent verification of every single bet that is place, you will have to enter the bet ID number and also some other details on the site, and then you should see if it is perfectly okay.

It has been known to offer the players with much better odds. Any casino is considered to be a business in the first place, and it aims to extract money from the customers. That is just how a casino runs. Casinos do not have to cheat to do it. They have a fixed profit which is built-in when it comes to any kind of bet that is made by a client. Cryptocurrency has been known to help with that.

Some Things You Should Know About Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casinos

I am sure that you have heard about bitcoin casinos, this is the year 2020. The year that everyone is confined to the comfort of their own home speakers of the prevailing virus. Do you know about bitcoin casinos are all about? If you don’t, you have come to the right place. Even if you do, stick around, you might find some things interesting.

Bitcoin casinos have proven to be a lot of fun. If you have some time to waste, I am sure that you would love to play some casino games and probably when some money. Do you want to play casino games in the comfort of your own home, in your own bed with your own laptop? Do you want to get this done and also have a secure, fast payment method? All of this is now possible because of online bitcoin casino sites. These sites make use of cryptocurrency so that every single transaction is anonymous, safe, and cannot be tracked. Especially in the year 2020, more and more people turned to words accessing digital currency and making use of it on the internet. Bitcoin is on the rise. It keeps rising in value, and it has successfully surpassed the value of gold. In this article, I will be talking about a couple of things that you should know about bitcoin casinos. When you weigh the advantages, you will see the appeal of bitcoin.


You should see if online gambling is legal in your neck of the woods. If it is legal, then bitcoin gambling is probably legal as well. A lot of politicians don’t even understand the world wide web in third world countries. But they still outlaw something that they can’t even understand. Gambling has undoubtedly been an excellent way for people to entertain themselves without the help of anybody else. A lot of local leaders have realised that people need a way to release their pent-up frustrations and they need a way to have fun, from the comfort of their own homes. I have noticed that there are more and more bitcoin casinos popping up.

Bitcoin casinos have been known to offer so many games. They offer roulette, poker, dice, blackjack, bingo and more. You can enjoy all of this, in a bitcoin casino.

online gambling

Bitcoin has been known to allow people to have really fast deposits and withdrawals. You don’t have to worry about your credit card companies or even your banks at all. You can entirely avoid banking hours. You don’t have to deal with banks and their rules and regulations. Bitcoin, if you want to gamble, you can deposit and withdraw money from wherever you want and whenever you want. It is instantaneous as well.

The Future Of Crypto-Gaming


Since the massive breakthrough of cryptocurrency, a lot of industries and businesses all over the world have started accepting them as payment. The most notable industry that has started implementing cryptocurrency is the online casino industry, and it is also known as the future of gaming when it comes to crypto. I feel that online gaming and online casinos have exploded, especially in the year 2020 because a lot of people have been confined to their own homes with their devices and the internet, because of the coronavirus pandemic. There have been millions of people on the casino websites, gambling away, because they are not able to visit physical casinos in popular places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, London, Macau, Monaco and more.

After gambling has become very popular and it has been adored by countless players and for so many reasons. I will attempt to delve into the details and also to explain why cryptocurrency currencies have been deemed the perfect payment method when it comes to online gambling and also how it will become the future of the entire gaming sector.


It gives your full anonymity. This would be one of the best features of cryptocurrencies because they allow the people to trade with other people, without having to reveal their true identities. That is precisely what people want on the internet. This feature increases the safety and security of millions of people on the internet by a huge milestone. Since we live on a planet where a number of online scams have plagued a lot of people, we need to start relying on better options. Online theft is not possible if you are using cryptocurrency. It gives you proper security. One of the most well-known reasons why the future in crypto gaming looks amazingly bright is that anonymity is a great feature when it comes to online casinos. Some fantastic rewards await people who play the games, and anonymity is something that allows them to feel completely safe, knowing that no one will have the option to steal or even look at their winnings.

They are very efficient, and they have great use for the online casinos that have implemented them. They provide quick payouts, and the customers do not have to wait for weeks or even months for the money that they have rightfully won. Payment methods like credit and debit cards are fast indeed but not exactly as fast as cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency payments happened in the blink of an eye. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, are wholly optimised for proper online use, and you should also note that withdrawals and deposits are made instantly. It is also worth noting that cryptocurrencies are highly decentralised, and they will never be controlled by any bank or government entity.

The Influence Of Blockchain In The Betting Industry And Online Gambling

Betting Industry

As we all know, the online gambling and betting industry has grown considerably over the past few decades, a couple of years even more so. Millions of players have been visiting online casinos over land-based casinos. This fact is even more so now because of the advent of the global pandemic of COVID 19. Sometimes, if you think about it, online casinos still failed to provide the best transparency because they intentionally conceal important information when it comes to gaming results, payouts and more from the public, i.e., the people who give the online casinos a lot of business. It is important to note that the casinos cannot function without the general public. They need people to generate revenue. How casinos make money is very simple. They take a cut off of every game that goes on in the casino. They also reap the benefits when some players lose. There is also a house edge, which guarantees the house gets a percentage of money when a game takes place in the casino. This is how the casino industry became a multibillion-dollar industry.

There are some online casinos that are willing to provide transparency. These are the casinos that make use of blockchain technology. I’m sure you’re wondering what blocks in technology is and how this technology will help revolutionise the online gambling and betting industry.

Online Gambling

Blockchain technology is something that facilitates the digital exchange of data and information. Cryptocurrencies are exchanged with the help of a blockchain network. A blockchain network happens to be incredibly safe. In simple terms, Blockchain is a collection of interconnected digital blocks, which is, data of transactions and exchanges which are stored in a ledger. This information, the information that is exchanged between peer to peer in a blockchain network always happens to be authentic, tamper-proof data. Blockchain is used as a trusted ledger for transactions which are shared between peer to peer.

I am sure that you are thinking, what makes Blockchain a very sought-after technology? Well, here is your answer. The fact that digital blocks can never be manipulated, traced or even tampered with, I feel that it is very valuable, especially in the online casino and betting industries. Blocks in technology is decentralised, and it also enables smart contracts. The meaning of decentralised is, a government or a single authority does not regulate the network. Blockchain has proven to ensure complete transparency because it is a decentralised system. The players can be anonymous and can fulfil transactions without having to divulge their personal information. It also ensures very quick and fast payouts because of smart contracts. Players will no longer have to wait weeks or even months for their payment.

Why Casinos Have Started Preferring Cryptocurrency Payment Methods


I’m sure you’re wondering the main reason why cryptocurrencies have gotten so much attention over the past couple of years. I feel that they have gotten a lot of stress because they have been rapidly developing. They have a lot of pros when compare to cons, and I feel that people are only focusing on the advantages, which is a great thing. One of the industries that would definitely benefit from cryptocurrencies is online gambling. Online gambling has seen a lot of traffic over the past couple of months, especially this year, in 2020. It is a well-known fact that the entire world is facing a crisis right now; the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. I, myself, have been confined to the comfort of my own home. Since I have not been able to visit a casino any time in the past couple of months and I will not be able to visit a casino for the foreseeable future, I have visited a couple of online casinos. I have seen first hand, how cryptocurrency is helping online casinos. They provide a lot of features and perks for the casino and the customer as well.

One of the biggest ones that I have heard multiple times is that payments are instantaneous, secure and anonymous. I feel that these features are some things that people on casino sites prefer. Internet technologies have experienced a lot of growth in the past couple of years. Cryptocurrency casinos have also received this development. Cryptocurrency casinos have seen a considerable rise. Online gambling is now seeing revenue in billions of dollars. It is worth noting that crypto and online casinos have the same path when it comes to development.


People now prefer cryptocurrency casinos because they offer a perfect payment method; one that is secure, anonymous and instantaneous. This innovation certainly helped a vast mass of individuals. The most substantial advantage that cryptocurrency casinos is, security. They are incredibly secure, and they are highly protected against any kind of theft. This privacy feature is undoubtedly loved and highly appreciated by millions of people who are on these casino sites.

Well, the process of crypto gambling is certainly way more straightforward than playing for traditional money. When you are gambling in a crypto casino, you will be gambling with cryptocurrency. The most famous one would be bitcoin. Governments have no power over cryptocurrency because cryptocurrency is decentralised. Cryptocurrency is now considered the perfect payment method for online casinos. You do not have to wait even a couple of minutes because crypto payments are instantaneous. You will need an active internet connection. A lot of casinos accepting cryptocurrency make use of algorithms the check the fairness of every single game that is played.

These are some of the reasons as to why casinos have started preferring cryptocurrency payments.

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